Solar Powered WiFi Repeater

Meraki Networks have released a solar powered outdoor WiFi repeater, which can cover entire neighborhoods with Internet access. This of course makes it perfect for developing countries where electricity supply is scant or unreliable.

Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Meraki, said, 'To change the economics of Wi-Fi access across the globe, there’s got to be a simple, efficient and inexpensive method for sending the signal long distances outdoors. The Meraki Solar and Meraki Outdoor will play an important role in our efforts to bring the next billion people online in the coming years.'

Of course, the device is also a perfect way to extend WiFi signals into your garden or to neighbours, without using any electricity. A very green way to surf; outdoors, and solar powered. ::

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Solar Powered WiFi Repeater
Sanjit Biswas, CEO

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