Solar Powered Phone Sticks to Window for Charging

solar sticker phone image

Images via Yanko Design

In what seems to be an interesting merge between the terrible solar powered sticker phone we saw awhile back and the very interesting solar powered sticker light concept we ran across last year, designer Liu Hsiang-Ling has come up with a clever concept design that makes charging a cell phone with solar as easy as possible - just slap it onto a window and wait. Integrating solar cells into mobile phones is gaining popularity, despite the two obvious problems that integrated solar cells are only efficient enough to supplement the battery rather than fully charge it, and that no one is really willing to leave there phone in the sun for the hour or two that it takes to get five or ten minutes of talk time. Nonetheless, designers are dashing towards the idea of charging up cell phones with the sun. While some ideas will never fly, others are kind of creative. Like this one.

solar sticker phone image

The concept phone is slightly arched so that you can walk up to a window getting full sun, suction it solar cell-side out and charge it up. Easy as that.

solar sticker phone concept image

Of course you have to remember to take it with you when you leave the room.

This one seems to have just as much potential as any other concept coming down the pipe, though all of them have the issues we already mentioned. So far, cell phones that have renewable energy chargers built into them are just not as effective as having an external charger. But we're getting there.

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