Solar and kinetic-powered micro GPS tracker keeps tabs on anything

Retrievor solar-powered GPS device
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You could soon be able to attach a tiny solar-powered tracking device to the things you're always misplacing, and track them down with your smartphone, thanks to this new micro-gadget.

How many times have you wished you were able to pinpoint exactly where your pet ran off to, or be able to find your bike or your car in a crowded parking lot, without having to search every square foot of the area on foot? If you're the owner of a Retrievor GPS device, you can fire up your smartphone and see exactly where your lost item is, without pounding the pavement.

"Powered by record breaking technology which allows us to keep things really, really small. Our GPS unit is the industry's smallest, fully integrated module with on-board antenna. Featuring advanced miniature packaging technology and an ultra small footprint too!

The new technology inside Retrievor is the industry’s smallest, fully integrated GPS module with on‐board antenna.This module is complete SiP (System‐in‐Package) featuring advanced miniature packaging technology and an ultra small footprint.

The integration of a SiRFstarIV™ GPS processor enables the unit to operate in challenging GPS environments, such as indoor tracking or when the end-user is on the move. This high level of GPS performance is achieved by using innovative GPS firmware which can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals, and opportunistically update its internal parameters which enables near-continuous navigation." - Retrievor

Retrievor is about the diameter of a quarter (28 mm diameter x 10 mm high), weighs just 12 grams, and can be clipped onto almost anything, from a pet's collar to your suitcase. The device is self-charging, thanks to a combination of a tiny solar cell and kinetic charger (or charged via a USB port), and is accurate down to as small an area as 1.5 to 3 meters.

In addition to being used as a simple tracking device, users can set up an area as a "geo-fence" and have the device trigger an alert via email or SMS when it leaves (or enters) the fenced area. Multiple Retrievors can be tracked simultaneously, allowing for users to keep tabs on several items at once.

Retrievor is currently in a crowdfunding campaign, and backers at the $179 level can be one of the first to put this little device to use.

Solar and kinetic-powered micro GPS tracker keeps tabs on anything
Never lose your dog, your bag, your car, or anything else, ever again.

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