Solar-Powered Media Player Ditches Chargers

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The variety of solar powered gadget chargers is growing, but what about gadgets that use the sun to power up without the need of a separate charger? We know Apple is interested in providing this capability, and even Sharp is trying to go long with some big solar devices but in the mean time, Shiro Corporation is delivering.

The Shiro SQ-S solar powered portable media player is a gadget you want to have out in the sun with you, featuring a built-in solar cell that can charge up the gadget pretty darn fast, and play for a good long time. Best part is it doesn’t look to be a gimmick gadget that only shows off a solar cell to suck up to green-minded consumers. It has features that put it on par with other media players.Solar Powered Media Player Does Everything It Should
The Shiro SQ-S has a 1.8 inch LCD display, plays a wide range of music formats including MP3 and WAV, has an FM radio tuner, and a photo and text viewer. With 16GB, you’ll expect to hold a whole lot of music, which means it needs to have some real battery power to keep up with you right?

Integrated Solar Cell Charges Media Device
The integrated solar cell can apparently charge the device up in just 4 hours of sunlight, and a full charge can last for 35 hours of music playback, and seven hours of video playback. Seriously cool. A USB charger helps out for night time and rainy day charging needs.

Where Can We Get One?
It looks like the device will only be offered in Singapore right now, but will hopefully come West soon, since something like this is just what green techies everywhere love to see. For now, you can catch it at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition today through Wednesday.
Via Hardware Zone
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