Solar Powered LED Traffic Lights for India


Previously we’ve noted how the move to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) traffic lights can offer significant savings on both energy consumption and costs for cities. We've also advised on how Berlin derived 100% of their electricity for traffic control from renewable sources. It would appear that India is now combining both these attributes into a single traffic single design. The Indian suburb of Nodia is poised to introduce 27 such lights. The main benefit being that traffic flows will be free of disruption when inevitable power failures occur. (An odd counterpoint to this story is that these new lights look like they will be purchased directly by the state. But some solar-powered traffic signals have been previously provided by private interests. Costs were defrayed by allowing limited advertising on the lights. Certainly one way of getting motorists attention, but not likely to improve road safety.) We aren’t sure who will be providing Nodia’s solar lights, but did find Delhi based Envoy, who make similar products, which can operate for three days without fresh exposure to sunshine. Via ::Delhi Newsline.