Solar-Powered Lamp Also Charges Your Phone, Acts as Sound Amplifier

bright bell solar lamp© BRIGHT Products

A new solar-powered lamp kit seeking funding on is more than just a way to turn sunlight into after-dark illumination. It can also charge your cell phone or other USB gadgets and the lamp shade acts as an electricity-free sound amplifier for your smartphone or MP3 player, making this solar gadget great for developing nations with scarce electricity and your next camping trip.

The BELL solar lamp developed by start-up company BRIGHT Products, has three brightness settings depending on your needs and the design lets the lamp be used as a reading light, ceiling light or portable lantern. The solar panel fully charges the batteries after eight to ten hours in full sunlight. The lamp can then provide 50 hours on the lowest brightness setting, eight hours on medium and four hours on high.

bright bell solar lamp parts© BRIGHT Products

For the outdoor enthusiast, these features could make for a pretty comfortable camping trip with good electricity-free lighting, gadget charging and amplified tunes, but for those in developing nations, the list is a bit longer.

From BRIGHT's Indiegogo page:

ONE kerosene lamp replaced with a BELL will have these positive effects:

BIG improvements in light quality for studies and work after 6 PM.

Increased time for studies and home businesses by 4-6 hours every day!

Reduction in toxic fumes from the kerosene lamp, equal to two packs of cigarettes a day for woman and children in a small hut.

Reduction in CO2 emissions of about 200-250 kg per year

Increased safety for the owner. Reduced fire hazard indoors. A portable light to be safe in traffic, against assaults/rape and from poison snakes.

Reduction in money spent on charging phones. To fully charge a phone in Africa will often cost USD 0,2 - 0,3. And charged phones really drive local economy!

Through our partnership with CARE Norway, we aim to support hundreds of local woman entrepreneurs with a "Solar Shop Start-up kit", making every donation support a sustainable, local way of building competence and distribution for solar energy.

BRIGHT's goal is to raise $50,000 by November 10 to buy tools needed for mass production. The lamp has already been field tested in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Kenya. With a $50 pledge, a BELL lamp will be donated to CARE which will get them in the hands of women's groups in developing nations. With a $100 pledge, you'll get your own first run of the lamp and gadget charger and for $150 you can give and get one.

Check out the video below for more.

BRIGHT Products - BELL solar lamp - Crowdfunding from BRIGHT Products on Vimeo.

Solar-Powered Lamp Also Charges Your Phone, Acts as Sound Amplifier
A new solar-power kit from BRIGHT Products is like the Swiss Army Knife of solar gadgets.

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