Solar Powered GPS: Prayers are Answered.


I have dreamed about this. Having once gone for a short walk in the woods with the family, getting lost, thinking about about eating the dog for dinner, four hours doing a 30 minute hike, I have wanted a GPS unit. However I am also the type that would get lost, pop it open and find that the batteries are dead just when I need it. (aren't they always?) Thus I lust for the new Transystem solar powered bluetooth GPS unit. Its rechargeable battery and low power design can run for up to 100 hours with the solar boost. It also boasts a lead-free production process to make it "the most environmentally friendly wireless GPS on the market" so if you don't make it out, at least you won't poison the forest. Not the first solar GPS we have seen, but perhaps if I had it my family would hike with me again. ::Transystem via ::Crunchgear

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