Solar Panel Jewelry An Energy Conversation Starter

There's a lot of solar paneled items out there, to be sure. We've bled plenty of digital ink covering solar chargers, solar powered homes and even some unusual things. It should come as no surprise then that some creative individuals have taken to making use of bits of solar panels to turn them into jewelry.

Over at Etsy Jonathan Hunt maintains a virtual storefront entitled Solar Panel Jewelry: Handcrafted EcoAwareness Jewelry. This clean energy artist takes solar panel bits and fashions them into earrings, cuff links, rings, barrettes and other fine jewelry. Pieces range in price from $10 upwards to around $75.

This jewelry, described by Hunt as "designed to charge the imagination and inspire dreams," certainly seems capable of doing that. While it doesn't look like one can use the actual panels to charge gizmos around the home, just the fact one is sporting a piece from this collection speaks to a personal statement of living a more green lifestyle.

Personal favorites among the EarthTechling staff include the Sterling silver solar panel cuff links (guys) and solar panel dangle earrings (ladies). We also think it's just plain cool someone is being simple, just very innovative, with the use of panels in this fashion.

Solar Panel Jewelry An Energy Conversation Starter
Wear these fashion accessories and you might feel a little more powerful, literally.

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