Solar Microgrid in a Box is Only 3 Feet Wide

forty2© Peppermint Energy

Kickstarter has allowed a wonderful peek into what some of the world's great minds are dreaming up and building in their basements, especially when it comes to clean technology. The Forty2, a so-called utility in a box, by Peppermint Energy is no exception to that. The device combines solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, a power inverter and an energy efficiency monitor all in one box creating a plug-and-play, solar-powered microgrid, and at only two feet by three feet, we mean micro.

The Forty2 could be used to power appliances, TVs, computers, gadgets, lighting systems or any electronics you want to fuel off the grid, but the device could be particularly useful in developing countries and remote villages where it could act as a main power source for a family.

forty2 closed© Peppermint Energy

The Kickstarter page lists the technical specs as this:

Solar: ~180-200 watts
Battery: 350 watt hours Lithium Ion
Brains: Let's just say they are 'advanced'
AC Outlets: 3 of them built in to the unit
Kits: None. This is an all-in-one product.
Things it can run: Dorm fridge, HDTV, fans, a lot of LED lights, laptops, many phones, stereo, etc.
Where to use it: In the US, you can use it for tailgating, camping, as back-up power, or anything else where you don't have access to a plug-in. Internationally, as you can see in the video, it becomes a life-changing device. It is simply amazing to think what this can do for people.
Made: in the USA

The creators have already met their goal of $25,000 to make an initial 250 units, but the campaign is running for another two weeks for those who still want to contribute to the project. Those that pledge $100 or more get rewards like a solar phone charger, solar backpack or even a first-run Forty2 at the higher levels. Below is a video of the Forty2 in action.

Solar Microgrid in a Box is Only 3 Feet Wide
The Forty2 device combines solar energy generation, battery storage, power inversion and an efficiency monitor all in one box-sized unit.

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