Solar Dogger sears your sausage with the sun

GoSun Solar Dogger
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Who couldn't use a $60 portable solar hot dog cooker? Anyone who doesn't want to solarize their franks in about 10 minutes, that's who.

GoSun's innovative solar cookers, which concentrate and harness the energy of the sun onto a vacuum tube with a 'thermal battery' that allows for quick heating and the ability to buffer cloudy periods, have a new little brother that's bound to be a hit with the kids.

The new Solar Dogger is just the right size for cooking two hot dogs (or sausages, or a variety of other small tubular foods) with the sun's rays, and can do so in about 10 minutes, with absolutely no other fuel needed, making it a great option for picnics, festivals, tailgate parties, camping, or anywhere else a smokeless little oven is needed.

The Solar Dogger is currently in a crowdfunding phase, and will probably hit and exceed its goal, if the company's previous campaigns are any indication. Here's the pitch video:

By combining adjustable parabolic reflectors for concentrating a larger amount of sunlight and a vacuum cooking tube with an insulated lid into a single portable (2 lb) package, the Solar Dogger looks like the perfect companion for many outdoor activities, assuming the foods you want to cook will fit inside it. The inside of the Dogger gets up to about 550° F (288° C), allowing it to cook foods quickly and safely, without any smoke or harmful pollutants.

"This great fuel-free travel companion makes two hot dogs in just ten minutes. The vacuum tube acts a near perfect insulator and evenly disperse heat throughout the food while the structural reflectors triple the amount of sunlight the hits the tube. Combine this with an insulated lid that traps heat with a food-grade silicone seal, and roast from sun up to sun down with the help of the integrated multi-position base and kickstand. A full range of of sunlight angles, wavelengths and intensity are absorbed; from 0° to 75° tilt and ultraviolet through infrared." - GoSun

To put a Solar Dogger in your bag, make a pledge of $59 or more ($20 off of the future retail price) to the Indiegogo campaign, and you should be able to start searing your sausages with the sun sometime in December.

Solar Dogger sears your sausage with the sun
Who couldn't use a $60 portable solar hot dog cooker?

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