Solar Coffee Maker Concept for an Off-Grid Caffeine Fix


Images via Home Tone

Recently we saw a cool device that uses zero electricity to make coffee. However, it does take time and it's not a hot cuppa. So is the next best option for off-grid coffee a solar powered pot? This great looking concept coffee maker could be that very solution. Designer Gun Ho Lee has come up with this concept for a coffee pot you can set in your window so it can use the sun to brew you a cup of joe.

solar coffee pot view image

There are some obvious questions, like how well could it charge up with that curved solar panel? How long would it take to charge a full battery, and many cups could be brewed off a charge? And the biggest question - exactly how good a cup could it make? All issues that would need to be hammered out if this were to come to fruition, but the idea is there.

solar coffee pot settings image

In the mean time, the most eco-friendly option for nearly off-grid, excellent coffee is the simple but elegant French press.

Via Solar Feeds
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