Smart desk moves you between sitting and standing throughout the day

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We've been covering standing desks for a long time now because experts quantifiably agree that sitting all day is killing us. We want to be productive while also keeping our bodies healthy. Over the years, there have been several solutions to this from fixed standing desks to adjustable ones, portable desks to ones that convert into shelves.

Lately though, the conversation has shifted from a need to stand more, to a need to move more. Sitting all day is bad for us, but exclusively standing is also not great. We were built to take on many different positions during the day, not stay just in one.

Looking to capitalize on that, Lloyd created what he calls an "active office," that has spots for him to stand, sit and move around while working so that he's never in one position for too long. There are also apps that remind you to stand up or take a break to stretch and move around throughout your work day.

The most high tech and elegant solution though has to be this new smart desk called The Stir Kinetic Desk. Like a Nest Thermostat, the desk learns your daily behaviors and moves between a sitting and standing height regularly throughout the day to keep you moving without interrupting your work flow.

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You can program specific sitting and standing intervals or let the desk set the schedule. If you tend to sit while returning emails in the morning, but always want to stand during that afternoon conference call, the desk will learn those regular habits and adjust the schedule to fit them. Of course, the desk can always be manually lowered or raised by using the touchscreen on the lower left corner of the desk.

When switching positions, the desk gently dips and raises to let you know that a change is coming up. If you're not ready to switch positions at that time, you can tap the touchscreen to stay sitting or standing for a while longer.

The built-in touchscreen also keeps track of your daily sitting and standing times and tells you how many calories you've burned. You can even set goals for how long or often you want to stand. The desk also syncs with fitness devices like the FitBit to track your movements.

I know it seems like too much tech for a problem that can be solved in other ways, but for many people, just having the option to sit or stand isn't enough motivation to actually do it, or they get caught up in their work and forget to move around. The Stir desk makes the decision for you so you can be healthier without losing focus.

All of that smart tech doesn't come cheap though. The M1 desk, which is the everyday model, runs a steep $2,990 (including shipping), while the more executive model with added features, the F1, goes for $4,190.

While expensive, it's worth thinking of how much time we spend at our desks. Much like a good mattress, a good desk that works with you is worth the investment. Hopefully in a few years these smart, integrated desks will be more commonplace and less expensive.

You can watch David Pogue test drive the desk below.

Smart desk moves you between sitting and standing throughout the day
The high tech answer to keeping you moving while working.

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