Sleek OLED Lumiblade Lighting Design from Philips (Video)

philips lumiblade imagePhilips via YouTube/Video screen capture

Philips has released a video of a gorgeous light design called Lumiblade, which is a single OLED rectangle that can be used in a range of different fixtures, and even arranged as walls of light.

OLED Display writes, "With a potential lifetime of 15,000 of hours, an excellent energy efficiency, the different shapes, colors and sizes and it’s clear why many see Lumiblade as a fit-and-forget solution that’s good for the lifetime of an object or interior design. In this video you see the Edge and O’Leaf OLED lamps, the Mimosa Installation and the Living Shapes OLED wall."

Even though OLED lighting will not be reaady to take over LED lighting for years, we do love the creativity that is sparked in the design world by these flat, and even bendable lighting surfaces.

Sleek OLED Lumiblade Lighting Design from Philips (Video)
This new OLED light design from Philips is one we could see in our lighting of the future.

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