Should I give up on Mac and go back to Windows? (Survey)

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Four years ago I switched to Mac and fell in love with it. So simple, well designed, logical, I wondered why I had wasted all those years building my own Windows machines. It was just- elegant. It wasn't perfect; I had to replace the battery and just a few months ago my hard drive died, so I bought a solid state drive to replace it.

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Over the last year my love of Apple has been tempered a bit; I complained bitterly about their new headquarters being a symbol of everything I disliked about the Company, its closed and secretive culture that turns its back on the rest of the world. I called it the world's most beautiful prison, anti-urban and anti-social.

Then all of us at TreeHugger were upset at the design of the new Macbook, with which Jaymi noted is almost unrepairable in her post Verdict Is In: MacBook Pro with Retina Display Really Sucks

Then on the weekend I went to upgrade my Macbook to Mountain Lion; Apple wouldn't take my money, telling me that my computer is too old and won't run the new operating system. No matter that a Core2 Duo chip with 4 gig of Ram and a solid state drive is still a pretty good spec for a computer, it's not good enough for Apple.

So now I am faced with a dilemma; the greenest thing would be to stick with the old operating system. Or, I could buy a new Macbook and get that jazzy skinny design and super hi resolution screen; I am a sucker for sexy designs and always say that you have to pay more for quality. Or as has been recommended to me by members of my family, stop paying the Apple tax for a pretty machine and spend half has much money on a PC, even an ultrabook. If I hate windows then put in Ubuntu. What do you think?

Should I give up on Mac and go back to Windows? (Survey)
Apple seems to be doing everything it can to drive me away. Help me make a decision!

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