Should Google glass be banned while driving? (Survey)

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Recently Mike wrote Texting and driving isn't bad enough, Google is lobbying for Glass to be allowed while driving, in which he worried about the use of the technology while behind the wheel:

Not only would that be an added danger for motorists, but it also seems like it would be terrible for cyclists and pedestrians. People are already distracted enough while driving, with some imbeciles decided it's fine to send text messages behind the wheel. The last thing we need is another reason for people to take their focus off the road.

Mike notes that there are "reports online by people who have Google Glass prototypes saying that it was actually more distracting than even texting." In their current incarnation they probably are. He agrees that a different implementation could potentially work, but that he doesn't think the current one which is unlocked (you can do anything) while driving and where you have to look up to do anything instead of at the road ahead is a good idea.

But what about down the road?

Heads up!

One only has to watch Iron Man to see how useful and powerful a heads-up display can be. What if it could show the road ahead at night? What if it was linked to your car's instruments so that you didn't have to take your eyes off the road to see how fast you are going or how much fuel you had left? What if it acted like a dash-cam and recorded accidents and reported them instantly to the police and ambulances? What if the glasses talked to your car and shut off the cat videos and ability to text while the car is moving?

There are so many possibilities. I wonder if a blanket ban isn't premature.

Should Google glass be banned while driving? (Survey)
Some say they are a hazard and worse than texting. But there might be some real benefits down the road.

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