Sharp Tries Taking TV Off Grid with Solar Powered 52-inch LCD Screen

solar led tv from sharp photo

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It doesn't look promising — at least not right away.

Back in July of this year, Sharp showed off a 26" solar powered TV, which utilizes a similar sized solar panel to be placed outdoors. At that time, a larger version was in the works. They've now shown off their newest solar-powered display — a 52-incher with a behemoth solar panel traipsing along beside it. Much to many a viewers' dismay, there are quite a few issues that'll need to be addressed before this thing is marketable.

First, where on earth do you put a solar panel that big, especially if you're an apartment dweller? Though I suppose if you live in an apartment, you're not likely going to need a massive 52" television.

The solar panel generates 220kWh, which is exactly how much the TV uses up - pretty low energy for TVs, including energy efficient LCDs. But should you want to use the TV when the sun is down, without tapping into the grid, just how will you be able to access energy? The answer to that isn't quite clear yet. I've scanned the various coverage and no one seems to know about batteries for energy storage.

It seems that this TV is much more of a concept display — the idea of using solar cells to power all of our gadgets, rather than the grid, is at the heart of Sharp creating the TV.

Folks looking for the actual solar-powered TV in stores will have to wait awhile until the above issues, as well as many others, are addressed. Though hopefully that won't be long.

Props to Sharp for heading in a renewable direction both with off-grid power capabilities and energy efficiency.

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