Sharp Introducing World's First LCD TV with Blu-Ray

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Photo via Akihabara

Despite the crappy economy, Sharp still sees itself selling 11 million LCD TVs this year, beating their original target of selling 10 million LCD TVs this year. That’s a whole lot of TVs.

Samsung says the demand for LCDs is down, and as the world's largest manufacturer of greener LCD TVs, they just might know what they're talking about. They've actually cut production. LG Display also saw LCD TV prices fall.

Nevertheless, Sharp expects to do this with a little Ace up their sleeve – the world’s first LCD TV that comes equipped with Blu-Ray. The TVs will be from the Aquos line, which are among the most efficient LCD televisions in general, and will be available in sizes ranging between 26 inches and 52 inches for the equivalent of $4,923 to $1,674. The sets are available starting November in Japan, should be on sale in the U.S. before the end of this year and launch in Europe in 2009.

Well, if folks are going into the holiday season with charge cards at the ready, it’s good that LCD TV sales will do so well, considering how much greener they are over other TVs. Too bad they aren’t OLED or solar powered, but hey, patience, patience.

Via Reuters
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