SF Green Festival 09 - Silo Ink Reduces Printer Waste, Saves 80% on Ink Expenses

silo ink printer photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

For most people, empty ink cartridges unfortunately head to the trash bin, or if we're lucky, to the reclcying bin or back to the store for recycling. But few people refill cartridges, which is one of the most efficient, green uses. Silo Ink isn't a bottomless ink cartridge, but it's about as close as we can get. The giant cartridges not only reduce waste and are refillable, but will save you 80% on the cost of ink.

silo ink printer photo

The cartridges sit outside of your printer, and hook up to the existing cartridges inside the printer. They provide a continuous refill for the cartridges, and last 9 times longer than the standard cartridges for your printer. When a silo is empty, you can order a bottle of refill ink and simply fill the silo back up.

Currently the company has systems for Brother, HP, Canon and Epson, and are working on systems for Lexmark and other printer brands.

Running between $65 to $140 for a complete system, or $10 to $45 for refillable cartridges, the systems save a huge amount of packaging - dozens fewer little boxes and plastic cartridges is a big deal. And when it's time to refill the silo, the only waste is a recyclable plastic squeeze bottle of ink, for which Silo Ink offers a free bottle return system. Plus, saving an average of 80% on the cost of ink is something to smile about.

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