Self-filtering water bottle also acts as a flashlight

oko odyssey

For serious hikers and campers, a great water bottle is important. Even better is a water bottle with a filter built in, but what if your water bottle could handle six different functions in one? It would make your pack a lot lighter and make it on the list of best camping gadgets.

The ÖKO Odyssey water bottle does just that with two filters, a flashlight, a lantern and a storage compartment. The first filter is your standard carbon filter, great for everyday tap water use. The second filter is for when you're away from potable water. It removes bacteria, cysts and other contaminants out of the water -- great for when you're off the beaten path and when you're traveling in countries without reliable access to clean drinking water.

oko odyssey 2© ÖKO
While the filters are located at the top, at the bottom of the bottle is where the other features come into play. The bottom section unscrews to be used as an 8 oz. cup or a storage case for small items like keys. You can replace the cup with a double-sided light adapter. When you point it outwards it works just like a flashlight, but when pointed inwards, the bottle becomes a lantern for setting up in the tent or at the campsite. The bottle's handle can be used to hang the bottle wherever you need light.

The light adapter also has a strobe function for use as an emergency signal. You can buy the Odyssey for $49.95, which includes all adapters and filters.

Self-filtering water bottle also acts as a flashlight
The ÖKO Odyssey water bottle actually has six functions!

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