Self-Charging Stroller Folds Itself and Powers the Phone

Moms and dads without a full-time nanny or an extra set of limbs know the frustation of holding a baby in one arm while exasperatedly struggling to fold a stroller with the other. It's one of the great conundrums of parenting--if only folding a stroller were somewhat easier than solving a Rubik's Cube.

Well if you have $850 to plunk down on a stylish set of wheels for the sprout, folding ease can be yours at the touch of a button. 4moms has developed the Origami, the world's first power-folding stroller.

Generators in the rear wheels charge the Origami while you walk which supplies juice for the folding mechanism, as well as for the cell-phone charger, built-in sensors, LCD dashboard (for the thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer, of course), daytime running lights, and pathway lights (located under the stroller) that turn on in low-light conditions.

Folds Compactly

Another stroller annoyance is their bulk--so for parents with sporty trunks or urban-sized entry halls, the Origami offers relief. It folds in three dimensions, unlike other strollers, resulting in decreased length, width, and height when folded.

Other amenities include handlebar bag, luggage-style pull wheels, one-push brake, four-wheel suspension, reclining seat, sunroof, and the ability to buckle-in car seats/bassinets directly. Oh, and four cup-holders (one for juice, two for mommy's coffee, and one for mommy's...?)

Essentially, baby's first luxury car.

The stroller comes in a variety of colors, has optional accessories, and can be used for children up to 40 lbs. Available at and select retailers.

Self-Charging Stroller Folds Itself and Powers the Phone
One part pram, one part R2-D2, the world's first power-folding stroller charges while you walk and collapses at the touch of a button.

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