Save Paper, Save Money: 5 Free Software Downloads That Spare Your Printer

An old TreeHugger favorite, this handy software digitally reads and omits wasted pages that have useless text and images like URLs, banner ads, disclaimers, and extra signature lines on emails. On top of saving trees, GreenPrint says the program can save as much as $90 and 1,400 wasted pages per year for the average user. The home edition of GreenPrint is available for free to users and nonprofits, but has the catch of printing a banner on your pages. The premium edition is $29.00, and is faster and ad-free.

HP Smart Web Printing
This software is a free add-on for Internet Explorer. It allows a user to grab content from the web and put it on a clipboard for organization and well-formatted printing. The process is a bit more involved than the other programs we've mentioned, but is great for gathering content from multiple web pages and condensing it into a single document. The content can then be formatted to look exactly how you want it for concise printing, and can even be turned into a PDF.

More Tips for Greener Printing
The ideal solution to wasted paper and ink, of course, would be the elimination of printing whenever possible.

Using flash drives and email to share information helps cut down on needless printing.

Green your printing even further by using soy inks, recycled paper (including the clean side of already printed on paper), and some reservation about hitting the print button.

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