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ONZO, the designers of some of the coolest energy meters on the market, have revealed their new smart energy kit. The kit consists of the Onzo display and the sensor, both pictured here. This little set can store up to ten years worth of data on household energy use and can deliver that information in ways that are useful to help control energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to the pleasing design, largely originating from Glasgow-based design house Lightweight Medical, this energy meter possesses some amazing features.What gets measured gets improved, one hears often repeated. So if you want to save money and the environment, start measuring. The Onzo display has a reversible back which allows users to stand it on a shelf, attach it to the refrigerator or hang it on a wall. Rechargeable batteries minimize the environmental impact of the display. Key information is easily readable on the monitor, and it is supplied with a USB cable for connection to a computer, enabling users to access intelligent web-based services.

The sensor is a clip which attaches to one of the cables coming from the electricity meter. It can be installed without any special knowledge. According to the manufacturer, the sensor is the truly pioneering aspect of the smart energy kit, for the following reasons:

  • It "harvests" its power from the cable to which it is attached, removing the need ever to replace its batteries;
  • It operates on ultra low power - costing less than a penny for a year's operation;
  • It stores up to 10 years' data;
  • It provides highly accurate measurement of energy consumption.

Both the display and the sensor can be recycled. They are delivered in compact packaging that fits in most standard mailboxes, which also reduces the environmental impact of their distribution. The kit is expected to be on sale in mid-2009.

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