Sat Chair Disguises Your Satellite Dish as Furniture

Here is a clever solution for people who live in buildings that don't allow satellite dishes to be installed -- which for most urban dwellers is pretty much most places. It is a satellite dish that is shaped like, and can actually function as, a chair. It can be set out on small balconies of apartments and do the work of a satellite dish without any of the aesthetic or safety issues that mounted satellite dishes bring up.

According to Gizmodo, "The chair provides the same level of reception as a 24-inch dish, and manages to incorporate a hidden LNB, or low-noise block downconverter, which is that small arm you see positioned in front of modern dishes. The chair can even be sat on with the removable cushion installed, but since a warm body pressed against its backrest hinders reception, you'll want to keep that spot clear if you've got friends over watching the game."

I have no idea how well this dish would work, considering you can't angle it very precisely, but it probably works well enough, and a whole lot better than no dish at all. We also love that it is a multifunctional item -- something to relax near, or in -- and that it solves a common problem of apartment dwelling. It is available from SatEuropa for around $325 and will hopefully hit a wider market if it proves to function well.

Sat Chair Disguises Your Satellite Dish as Furniture
A clever workaround for renters who can't put up satellite dishes, or simply want a less tacky option

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