Sanyo's Aqua: Wash Clothes Without Water


Sanyo's new washing machine, the Aqua AWD-AQ1, can clean your clothes without water. Oxygen in the air is converted to ozone, using an ozone creation device, and is sprayed o­n clothing inside the drum. Ozone has a strong oxidation action, which either destroys or disassembles the cell walls of bacteria. This allows for eliminating bacteria, odors, and dirt (organic matter). Sanyo's release says "recently, sprays that eliminate bacteria and odor are popular, and the Air Wash does mostly the same thing... it just happens inside the washing machine." The machine also has a "normal" washing cycle that uses water recycled from the rinse cycle and ozone together, leading to a big reduction in water use when compared to more conventional machines. Water that has been used for rinsing is stored inside a tank, where ozone microbubbles are injected, purifying the water. This water is again used either for the next washing or as dehumidification water when drying clothes; this whole process only uses 50 liters from wash to dry, while using new water requires 80 liters.This machine has several other cycles to vanquish dirt from clothes, like the "Zero Detergent Course" that washes out light dirt with ozone-injected water, "Ozone Steam Course" which eliminates bacteria and odors during drying by using steam that has ozone, and "Mold Guard," which prevents against the outbreak of black mold in the drum by using ozone water. Also available is "Shelf Dry," which can dry delicate clothing, stuffed animals, and shoes. It's scheduled for release in stores in March, for a hefty 262,500 Yen, or US $2,200. Thanks to Marzoo for the tip! via ::Gizmodo and ::Far EastGizmos