Samsung Unveils Ultra-Low Power Carbon Nanotube E-Paper

samsung e-paper display photo

Image via Gizmag

Improved battery life for handheld gadgets and lower energy consumption are two major selling points for Samsung’s new e-paper.

The company has unveiled what it is calling the world’s first carbon nanotube-based color active matrix electrophoretic display, or EDP for those of us eager for yet another acronym for new display technology. But Samsung’s release does indeed have revolutionary appeal for e-paper devices. The display is energy efficient for several reasons. First, it doesn’t need backlighting. Second, it doesn’t need to refresh all the time – only when the page is changed or updated. The display technology is, therefore, ideal for e-readers and mobile devices, and has the added bonus of being highly readable in direct sunlight, unlike so many mobile device displays.

Making a gadget's battery last as long as possible is a big bonus for cutting back on energy. And with so many people getting their newspapers in electronic form, either online or on a reader, something that sips power is preferable.

Looks like Liquavista will have some competition for cool color e-paper displays.

Via CleanTechnica and Gizmag
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