Samsung Sending Out Two Energy-Sipping PCs

samsung energy sipping PC photo

Photo: Samsung Press Image

And it's no exaggeration when we say "sipping." The MV100 Tower and the MZ100 Slim Tower both use just 60 W while operating in power-save mode, and just 1 W when in stand-by mode — that's less than many energy-sparing LCD monitors. While not the lowest wattage we've seen for a desktop, it is still very low compared to the general competition. Small, low-power computers are a great energy-saving option for people who need a computer for general work like email and word processing.

Both towers also use Intel's G43 chipset and will come with 512 MB of VRAM and either a GeForce 9600 GT or the 9500GS — I know, total geek specs. Unfortunately, that's all the specs we have for now.

And, we don't yet know when these will be available anywhere outside of Korea.

Via Tech Power UP!
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