Safe Sushi App Tells You How Much Mercury Is In Your Spicy Tuna Roll

The Sierra Club launched a new app for sushi lovers. We know that the higher up the marine food chain you go, the more mercury you'll be consuming, and the risk of mercury poisoning in people who gobble down loads of fish is real. But just how much mercury are you eating when you dig in to a plate of sushi? If you need help determining which types are better or worse, this app will help.

Launched yesterday in the Android market and coming to iTunes on December 16th, this free app works in two ways. First, you can search it by mercury content in fish, sorting from high to low. Second, you can search it by type of fish, so if you see something on the menu you want to try, you can look it up before you order.

The Sierra Club notes, "Mercury comes primarily from coal-fired power plants, where it rains down into our rivers and streams and then gets into the fish. When we eat contaminated fish (such as certain types of tuna), it gets into our bodies. Safe Sushi includes a tutorial that illustrates how mercury is absorbed into the atmosphere and moves through the food chain."

For most people, moderate consumption means no big issue. However, there are certain people who are more at risk than others. For instance, there's a reason why doctors tell pregnant women to skip the sushi. Sierra Club states, "Alarmingly, as many as 1 in 6 American women have enough mercury in their bodies to put a baby at risk and over 300,000 babies are born each year at risk of mercury poisoning."

But the Safe Sushi app can help you make smart decisions about how much mercury you're adding to your body based on your fish choice. It also could be an opportunity to highlight the connection between dirty energy and our health.

Safe Sushi App Tells You How Much Mercury Is In Your Spicy Tuna Roll
The Sierra Club is helping us stay alert to how much mercury we're eating in fish with a new app for iPhone and Android.

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