SaaSy Software Leads to Better e-Waste Recycling

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Back in June, Webroot launched a product called Security Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides a great threat protection service that makes hardware solutions obsolete.

Switching to software solutions instead of hardware is great since it means less security hardware needs to be produced. But what about all the hardware that is now out of a job? As so often happens, when something new comes along, a bunch of e-waste is generated.

Thankfully, green-thinking Webroot fixed that problem as well. Webroot has come up with the Go Green recycling program to help properly recycle obsolete hardware.

"When we realized that the tremendous success of security SaaS solutions would be making hardware-based security obsolete, we took steps to provide a socially responsible alternative for recycling this influx of electronic waste," Webroot CEO Peter Watkins said Monday in a statement announcing the recycling program rollout.

To create the program, Webroot partnered with Guaranteed Recycling Xperts (GRX), an electronics recycler in the US, and Centillion, an electronics recycler in Europe and Asia. By pairing up with these organizations, as well as signing the Basel Action Network’s Pledge of True Stewardship, Webroot is ensuring that their collection and recycling of obsolete hardware is done in an ethical and efficient manner.

Big props to a company doing the right thing – efficiently and ethically getting rid of electronic hardware from both the production and recycling ends.

Via Greener Computing
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