Rocketeer Rocket Pack from Trash

If you're still looking for something to wear tonight for a Halloween costume, you might have everything you need in your recycling bin -- though you'll need to spend a few hours crafting it. ModMischief has created a DIY Rocketeer Rocket Pack that has a great steampunk style, and will cost you practically nothing as long as you also have some glue and spray paint laying around.

Allison's Instructable for building the Rocketeer Pack starts out with going through your recycling bin. You need:

• two 2L pop bottles (I used Coke Zero)
• mouth was bottle
• two shampoo or conditioner bottles (plastic deodorant containers may work too)
• round plastic dip or spread container
• thin cardboard from cereal boxes or something similar
• paper towel tube

If all of this isn't in your bin, maybe your neighbors can help out. You also need to rummage through your closet (or again a friend or neighbor's) for a purse with leather(ish) straps.

And from the garage, gather up:
• scissors and x-acto knife
• glue gun and glue sticks
• white glue
• masking tape
• wire
• spray primer
• spackling paste
• silver spray paint
• craft paint in bronze, pewter and black
• paint brushes

Next, you cut up cardboard to shape your pack. There are a few mildly complicated cuts, that Allison's Instructable walks you through. Second, glue together the plastic and cardboard into the right shape, and cover everything with primer paint.

Then go back over it with the craft paints to get the right silver and bronze look.

Finally, you'll add your leather purse straps to create the harness straps to carry the pack. This can pretty much all be done with hot glue.

It's a fantastic little trash-to-treasure project for Halloween. Enjoy!

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Rocketeer Rocket Pack from Trash
If you need a last minute Halloween costume, you could rummage through your recycling and find just what you need!

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