Robotic Plant Drone Moves Houseplants to Sunny Spots

How can robots help you grow a green thumb? By giving your plants wheels and the ability to seek out the sunny spots in your house, naturally.

Stephen Verstraete, a sculptor from Belgium, built these robotic plant holders on top of little wheeled toy platforms (think remote controlled car, but with a light-seeking directive), so his houseplants always get the best light in the house. According to his Instructable, Plant Host Drone, his little devices will move the plant out of the shade and into the light as the sun moves through the room, and stop in sunny spots.

Here's his list of materials for the project:
1x 74HC240
1x L293D
3x 1M resistors
2x 1nF capacitors
2x 10uF capacitors
2x SFH 300 photo transistor
2x collision switches
1x pot to host the plant (make sure it doesn’t leak water into the electronics)
and last but not least a recycled toy with 2 electric motors that runs at about 6volt or identical motors and wheels
or a 2 motor robot platform. (I used the RP5 platform).
I think you can make this for under $10.

And his schematic:

If you'd like more info, or are waiting for Stephen to upload a video of these little robotic gardeners, connect with him on Instructables or at his website.

[All photos used with permission from Stephen.]

Robotic Plant Drone Moves Houseplants to Sunny Spots
This artist built little robotic gardeners to help keep his houseplants in the sunshine.

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