Ridiculously Easy-to-Build Scrap Wood iPhone Stand

Have you never picked up a power saw but you're itching to build something cool? This project by Kate Pruitt on DesignSponge is perfect for you. It's the ultimately easy low-tech stand for your high-tech device.

Pruitt states, "This project is perhaps the simplest I’ve ever done, but I don’t consider that a downside in the least. I’ve been letting my phone go “commando” lately—no case, that is :) I appreciate the minimalism, but I don’t like letting it just rest on the table, where I can easily bump it or accidentally pile things on top of it. I took a little bit more of that scrap fence wood I had lying around and fashioned a super simple leaning phone stand."

You need just a handful of materials, including:


scrap wood (mine is 1/2″ thick x 8″ wide x 12″ long)
white acrylic paint or gesso
neon spray paint (I like the Krylon brand best.)
1 1/2″ nails
compound mitre saw or mitre box and handsaw (not pictured)
sandpaper (not pictured)
painter’s tape (not pictured)

And the step-by-step instructions on DesignSponge are simple to follow. So what do you think -- is this an afternoon project you're willing to tackle? It's certainly a cell phone accessory with a minuscule carbon footprint!

Ridiculously Easy-to-Build Scrap Wood iPhone Stand
If you've never done a woodworking project, this is the one to start with. And you'll end up with a very cute little stand for your phone.

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