RideScout app compares all the ways to get around the Bay Area

RideScout app
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A new app for finding the best way around a city has launched in San Francisco and this one truly shows you all the options. Called RideScout, the free app for iOS and Android aggregates ground transportation options, including public, private and social rideshares, so, depending on your route or location, users can see all public transportation, car and bike sharing, walking and driving options available in real time. Not only that, but it lets you compare time and costs for each.

The Bay Area has a lot of different transportation services, so that means users will see options from Sidecar, Silvercar, Muni, BART, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, AC Transit, Blue & Gold Fleet, Baylink Ferry and SamTrans -- along with Flywheel, Bay Area Bike Share and Scoot -- as well as walking, driving, and even parking with Parking Panda. All in one place. Users can then make their decision based on time, money, convenience or smallest environmental impact.

“From day one, we have received requests for RideScout in San Francisco, as people have seen how easy and efficient it is to get around a city with our app,” said Joseph Kopser, RideScout Co-Founder and CEO. “The Bay Area has a wealth of ground transportation options, but the fastest or cheapest ride is not always clear. With RideScout, people can choose the best transportation option based on their needs right then and there, wherever they are, sorting by arrival time, cost or type of ride.”

The app launched in November in Washington, D.C. and has since also expanded to Austin, TX, where RideScout is headquartered.

The company states that 78% of cars on the road are single occupancy vehicles and it wants to change that with this app. By showing people all of the other options immediately available to them, the founders hope users will see how convenient public transportation or ridesharing can be. Not only is it better for the environment, but it makes our cities run more efficiently too.

RideScout app compares all the ways to get around the Bay Area
The app lists all public transportation, car and bike sharing options available for your route, in addition to walking or driving.

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