Ridejoy iPhone App Makes Ridesharing Easy and Safe

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Every year, drivers make 2.3 billion long-distance trips and 76 percent of those are single-occupant trips. Inevitably, many of those trips are on the same routes where people could share a ride and burn less fuel. There are plenty of companies these days offering organized carpooling services and participation has grown, but many people are worried about the safety of getting into a car with a stranger, which has limited the idea's reach. The new app from ridesharing service Ridejoy aims to make the process more accessible, more widespread and safer by letting users view profiles and reviews of users before they book a ride.

Ridejoy is a start-up that specializes in trips that are 50 miles or longer where drivers sell their extra seats at a suggested price to help cover gas costs. The app brings drivers and riders together through quickly matching people with the same routes or the same destinations or allowing people to search by city. Users can set up the app to automatically deliver notifications when drivers or passengers are going to be taking the same route they are going to be traveling. Before scheduling a ride, users can view photos, profiles and reviews of the other person.

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To separate them from the ridesharing pack, Ridejoy offers a feature where people can scan in their drivers licenses or passports. The company verifies their authenticity and then lets users post it to their profile. That lets potential passengers feel better about the legitimacy of an offered ride.

An added benefit to drivers is that it's a way to make a little money back on the cost of your trip.

TechCrunch reports, "In terms of cost, Ridejoy suggests a price before each trip (which drivers can change if they want), which is on average around $35 or $40. The startup puts a cap on how much drivers can charger per mile ($0.50) to prevent drivers from bleeding their passengers dry...As for Ridejoy itself (and its monetization), the startup takes a 15 percent cut on credit card transactions processed for each trip."

Ridejoy iPhone App Makes Ridesharing Easy and Safe
The free app offers several ways of finding and posting rides for longer trips while verifying that your companion is legit and trustworthy.

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