Color-changing LED vest offers one mile visibility for cyclists and runners

Verve safety visibility vest
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Running, biking, or walking after dark, as well as at dawn and dusk, could be a lot safer if you're doing all you can to be more visible to drivers and other cyclists. There is no shortage of options for bike safety, including blinking lights and reflectors that can be clipped on to clothing or bikes, or reflective and highly visible safety vests that can be worn while active, but one team of engineers believes they have the optimal solution, a product that "aims to change the way we perceive visibility safety."

The Verve vest, from You Saw Me, is an innovative safety solution that integrates 60 waterproof LED bulbs into a lightweight and minimalist design, and it claims to be visible from the front and the back from over one mile away. The basic safety vest has an ANSI certified retroreflective outer layer with embedded LEDs that can either be lit, blink (8 variable modes), or dimmed (10 incremental settings), and are powered by a single 9V battery that lasts for over 30 hours of continuous use. The vests are also fully waterproof and machine washable, and include a front and back pocket for ID, keys, phones, or money.

In addition to the basic Verve vest, You Saw Me is also producing an RGB version that can change colors, with users able to choose from 20 steady-state colors and 19 color changing functions (and that can also be dimmed or set to display colors with variable speeds). These visibility vests, while designed with cycling and running safety in mind, could also be a hit at clubs, concerts, and raves, or for anyone who's craving attention.

To launch the Verve visibility vests, the You Saw Me team has turned to crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign, which seeks to raise $30,000 before June 25th. Backers at the $50 level will receive a single-color Verve, or an RGB vest at the $60 level, and those who pony up $85 or more will receive an RGB Verve with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger.

Color-changing LED vest offers one mile visibility for cyclists and runners
This innovative product could greatly enhance the visibility of cyclists, runners, pedestrians, and children, and features a lightweight and minimalist design.

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