Retrobox: Recycling Computers For Profit

RetroBox is a computer recycling firm, which also accepts electronic devices, dismantling them for recycling, but also reselling their components. Pictured here is the CEO of RetroBox, Stampp Corbin. He says there is money to make in recycling, and he wants to spread the word because his company has a business model that works well. Wiping data is one part of the business model; reselling the equipment is another. "We resell, reuse as much equipment as we can, we get 50,000 hits per day on our site without advertising, and we give back 75 percent of the revenues to our clients. Often, we will hand back a check for more than it cost the company to contract our services."

Business has been good, but it could be even better if the government steps in and gives an extra incentive through an environmental tax credit.

"I used to sell IBM mainframes and if you bought a $2m mainframe, you got 10 percent back, that was $200k because of the investment tax credit available. That was a powerful boost to the the tech sector. We need something like that for companies that are responsible in disposing of their computer waste," Mr Corbin says.

:: RetroBox via Triple Pundit (see also SilconValleyWatcher)