Resource Efficiency With USA Tech's VendingMiser®

We noticed VendingMiser® after USEPA gave some recognition. By installing an infrared sensor and what looks like some "firmware", the Pennsylvania-based USATech's product is able to cut vending machine energy consumption almost in half, in a short payback period. Specifically, 'maintenance savings is generated through reduced running time of vendor components, estimated at $40 - $80 per year per machine, while energy consumption is reduced an average of 46% -- typically $150 per machine annually'. The USA Technologies company website offers a Quicktime video demonstration of product installation. We suggest our readers evaluate this and their other products, such as Plugmiser in the broadest possible context. What other modular HVAC technologies could similarly benefit from deployment? Hotels with window heater/cooler units come to mind.
Major features of VendingMiser® include:
= Compatibility with all types of cold drink vending machines
= VendingMiser® uses a Passive Infrared Sensor to:
-Power down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant
-Monitor the room's temperature
-Automatically repower the cooling system at one- to three-hour
intervals, independent of sales
-Ensure the product stays cold

School districts all over the nation are getting community pressure to host vending machines with healthier food and drink choices. Why stop there? VendingMiser® would go over especially well in situations where the school is paying the electricity bill.