Report Shows Half of US Workers Don't Shut Down PCs, Wasting $2.8 Billion

Nearly two years ago, we reported that leaving PCs on overnight cost US businesses around $1.7 billion a year in wasted energy. However, a new report shows that figure jumping all the way up to $2.8 billion - even during a time when energy efficiency is on everyone's mind. What gives?According to a report by 1E,

In terms of savings alone, it's possible to save over £300 million in the UK alone through turning off your PC while in the US it's nearer $2.8 billion and €918 million in Germany.

"For example, if all the world's 1 billion PC's were powered down for just one night - it would save enough energy to light up New York City's Empire State Building - inside and out - for more than 30 years"

50% of US workers don't power down their PCs at night, and yet, the report also finds that over 60% of employees feel their company should be doing more to reduce energy consumption. Luckily there are companies like 1E and Verdiem creating energy efficiency software that patches this disconnect between employee actions and energy savings. $2.8 billion in saved money, let alone the huge carbon emissions, is nothing to ignore.

The report highlights some interesting statistics and is worth reading.

Via USA Today
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