Remote Control Your Home's Energy Use with Ploggs

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Image Credit: Plogg International

On the rise are devices that help us monitor and adjust our home’s energy use from afar. Energy Optimizers Limited’s Plogg is one of these devices. It’s an easy plug-in solution that tracks and logs how much energy an appliance is consuming, and has a handy dandy trick up its sleeve. We’ve seen more and more devices that can pull the plug on wasted power, such as the Wattson or smart power strips. But the Plogg adds an extra cool feature.

The Plogg logs power usage (power logs, ploggs, get it? Har har.) and makes those logs accessable via any Bluetooth enabled device like your cell phone. So you can be out and about, check your home’s power consumption, see that the living room light was left on, and switch that light off through your cell phone.

Right now the Plogg is available only in the UK, though a US version is on the table. But if you’re in the US and want your hands on this kind of cool gadgetry, there are a couple of options, including SmartLinc or Home Manageables which are similar plug-in devices that also let you monitor and control your home's energy use via mobile devices.

Also on its way to us is Green Plug, a power strip device that can talk directly to the devices it powers (which will need to have Green Plug's Greentalk Universal Power Protocol installed) to know when to turn it on or off, leaving us entirely out of the power saving equation. But until that arrives, Ploggs and similar devices are a pretty cool way to stay on top of your home’s energy use.

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