ReeCharge Case Weatherproofs Your iPhone for Bike Rides

There's a new product out from Biologic that is perfect for tech-savvy bike riders -- especially those who have taken to using their iPhone as a navigation system or as a distance tracker and therefore have it mounted to their handlebars. The ReeCharge Case is a tough, weatherproof case that will protect your iPhone on the ride but won't compromise your ability to use the touchscreen.

It promises that you can still access your apps when needed with a touch of the finger, while ensuring it will stay safe from bumps and knocks, and rain. It also has a bonus feature we love -- it has a lithium ploymer battery that will charge your phone while you're out, so you don't risk running out of juice on long rides. It works with models of the iPhone from 3G up through 4S.

Biologic has also come up with a Dynamo charging kit that works with the ReeCharge case. If you run down both your phone's battery and the battery on the case, you can still charge up.

Neither product is out on the market quite yet but they're both on their way.

ReeCharge Case Weatherproofs Your iPhone for Bike Rides
This case will protect your iPhone from wet weather as well as hard knocks while out on long bike rides, so you can safely use you iPhone for navagation.

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