[re]drive External Hard Drive — Adding to Bamboo-Covered Computer Gear

redrive bamboo hard drive photo

If you’re looking for a green way to back up your computer, you have a pretty cool option with the [re]drive external hard drive from SimpleTech.

We were just talking about bamboo-covered computer gear, but the cover for the [re]drive really sets a standard. The bamboo casing is grown at the manufacturing facility and steam pressed, with no chemicals or wood varnish used. The case also uses 100% recycled aluminum. And while the device uses bamboo, the instruction manual is printed on the box to reduce the need for extra wood-based products.

But as we mentioned earlier, it takes more than just a sustainable exterior to make a device eco-friendly. We wanted to know just what the [re]drive does to live up to a greener standard.And the [re]drive doesn’t disappoint. The power adapter is Energy Star Level 4, and is a fanless design which means just a bit more energy efficiency.

And best of all, SimpleTech didn’t get distracted with greening it up - the devices does what an external hard drive is supposed to do. The [re]drive stores up to 500GB and functions with both Macs and PCs. You can choose auto-back-up times and back up specific folders or your whole hard drive.

For the price tag of $160, the eco-friendliness makes this a pretty nice option. So, if you’re someone who is bamboo-ifying your office, you have one more item to match all that other beautifully grained gear.

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