Reddit Will Now Harness Crowd-Sourcing to Help You ID Animal Species

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Official calculus: For every one thing that's juvenile and/or embarrassing about Reddit (video game fan art, a 'Men's Rights' community), there seem to be five things that are awesome. Like its community devoted to restoring the economically ruined city of Cairo, Illinois. Or its crowd-sourced do-gooding, which covers everything from providing emotional support to the bereft to pitching in for gifts for the needy.

Or this: A crowd-sourced effort to help users identify animal and insect species. From the subreddit's description:

This is a Reddit devoted to the crowdsourced identification of unidentified species of any specimen including fungi, plants, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. You post it, and we'll try to identify it.
The goal is to label the specimen in each post with the common name(s), species name, and possibly add links to sources of information that can back up that claim.

Hopefully, everyone in the community can chime in and a consensus can be reached.

Upvote responses that you feel are more accurate and downvote responses you feel are inaccurate or less accurate and reply to the aforementioned up/down-voted response on why you feel that way ...

Submit a photo or photos of the organism in question and the community will try its best to figure out the specimen's phylogeny classification.

Fun, right? So if you snap a photo of a bird on vacation that you can't identify, post it here. Or, use it to help ID that weird-looking insect you found that you're praying isn't a bedbug. The possibilities are endless ...

For its next move, perhaps the Redditors should link up with these biologists, who are attempting a similar, more expansive effort to crowd-source the discovery of new species.

Reddit Will Now Harness Crowd-Sourcing to Help You ID Animal Species
Need a species ID'd? Reddit can help.

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