Recycle E-Waste Without Leaving Home Using Zip Express Installations

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While it seems a lot of us TreeHuggers would rather not deal with old electronics, recycling gadgets is so easy at this point in time that there is practically no excuse not to see your gadgets live a nice long life and then be responsibly recycled. There are buy-back programs where you can earn a little cash, and increasing number of drop off centers and recycling events where you can ditch the old stuff guilt-free for free.

Or, if you really want to not think about what to do with the old stuff when you’re bringing in the new, there is Zip Express.Zip Express Installations will not only help you set up your new devices, but also haul away the old – for a small charge, of course. Zip is working on partnerships with big-box retailers to provide next-day installations.

Basically, the installation person comes in, sets up your new gear, and takes the old stuff to a certified recycler. But, it will cost you anything from $50 to $160 depending on the number of items you want taken away and if you hire them at point of purchase of new gear, or just give them a buzz to come take away old stuff without having something installed.

This seems like a real luxury service, but if you’re paying someone to come install something for you then you’re probably someone who enjoys a little luxury, so Zip really knows their target audience. They’ll also deal with computers, phones, cameras, PC peripherals, monitors and amplifiers.

However, knowing the issues that have arisen lately with lax guard-dogging of recyclers, you might want to weight your options and consider the pros of buy-back services where you’ll get a little green while extending the life of your gadget. If you’re just looking to have something hauled off to a green resting place, there are free options like ASL Recycling.
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