Rechargeable LED Backpack Totes Your Stuff, Keeps Cyclists Safe

flux backpack streetYouTube/Video screen capture

We love featuring technology that can make your bike ride safer while also being kind to the environment. From DIY LED turn signals to the EcoXPower that powers your gadgets and LED lights with pedal power, bright energy-efficient LED lights tend to be involved.

Torch, the company that has brought the cool LED bike helmet earlier this year, has released its newest device to keep cyclists safe: a rechargeable LED backpack.

flux led© Torch Apparel

The FLUX backpack is made out of a rugged nylon material with a waterproof lining. An LED lighting unit connects to a waterproof optic panel on the face of the backpack. The panel lights up red, turning your back into an oversized tail light. For the trips when you don't need the backpack, but do need a tail light, the LED unit is removable and can be fitted to the seat post.

The LED unit is rechargeable via USB and runs for about two to five hours on a full charge. The FLUX is now available for pre-order for $120 and will be out in the spring.

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