Raspberry Pi developing a camera module for DIY photographers

For any of you photographers that were feeling left out of all the fun that tinkerers were having with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, your time has come. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that they are making a camera module that should be released in the next few months.

The photo above is of the final hardware, but the foundation says tweaks are still being made to the drivers to take it from “pretty good” to “bleedin’ marvellous."

Wired reports, "Technical details are blurry. The exact sensor size is unknown, but five megapixels is the likely size according to official comments on RPi forums. Makers won’t be able to change lenses, add physical filters, or even zoom, but the camera module will be capable of HD video capture."

The tiny board's specs come in at 20x25x10mm and will cost a mere $25. According to official responses on the Raspberry Pi Foundation site, the lens is from the same kit as for a mobile phone, so while it's not interchangeable, it's possible you could play around with some of the smartphone photography accessories available.

Potential applications include robotics, home automation, wildlife monitoring and, based on the responses on the forums, the world should be prepared for lots of aerial photography. We're excited to see what creative things photographers do when the module goes on sale and we'll be sure to let you know about it too.

Raspberry Pi developing a camera module for DIY photographers
From robotics to wildlife monitoring, the new module is bound to be used in some cool projects.

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