Radio Shack Hops on Buy-Back Bandwagon


Photo via Marcin Wichary

Good news for you and any of your old gadgets that are looking to live a little longer. Radio Shack is offering a buyback program.

Buyback programs are an awesome way to lengthen the life of your gadget and get a little cash for it. However, Radio Shack is running their program with a twist that might not make all gadget owners happy.Most buyback programs offer actual cash (or check, really) in exchange for a re-sellable gadget. Radio Shack, on the other hand, offers a Radio Shack gift certificate.

If you’re a fan of their store, then more power to you. But if you’re not, you can check out a few other buyback programs such as TechForward or NextWorth as possible alternatives.

Via BoyGeniusReport
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