Protect your fertility with underwear that shields your manly bits from EMF radiation

EMF underwear
© Riparo Clothing

Could that smartphone in your pocket, and the computer on your lap, be lowering your fertility? These EMF-shielding underwear might be the answer.

It doesn't take long for someone to suggest that you belong in the tinfoil hat society if you bring up the possibility that EMF radiation from wireless devices can negatively affect your health, so if you are that someone, you might want to just skip to the comments and express that opinion right now. But if you are concerned that constantly carrying a mobile phone in your pocket and spending hours with a laptop on your lap just might be affecting your ability to have children someday, then read on.

Ameer Rosic, a health consultant and self-described biohacker, believes that there is enough evidence that electromagnetic (EM) radiation from our phones and our gadgets (which are constantly on and constantly on our person, in close proximity to our reproductive organs) negatively affects our fertility that we really ought to be protecting ourselves better. And his solution comes in the form of some very special underwear, which is designed to block 99.9% of harmful EM radiation from affecting the testicles of men who wear them.

Riparo underwear isn't the first EMF underwear we've covered, but it's certainly got the best sales pitch, as well as links to some research that back up the negative EMF health claims. Right now, the product is only for men, but according to the crowdfunding campaign, women's products are also being developed, and are expected to be ready sometime in the spring.

In the meanwhile, if you're a woman concerned about the effects of everyday radiation on your reproductive organs, Belly Armor has got you covered.

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