Protect Your iPod nano with Recycled Cassette Tapes


If you secretly preferred cassette tapes to vinyl (but have made the jump to digital music via the trusty iPod), then this lil' gadget is for you. Brought to you by the same folks who dreamed up the iPod cases from old 45s, these create similar utility for old cassettes; if you aren't still listening to them, you might as well use 'em for something, right?

They're built to fit 1st and 2nd generation iPod nanos (and are working on updating to the new, wider 3rd generation version) -- sorry, iPod Classic owners; you'll have to stick with the vinyl cases, for now. If protecting your music with old music media doesn't really do it for you, check out our picks for other iPod accessories. ::Contexture via ::45 iPod Cases

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