Powerpot Generates Electricity From Your Campfire

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It used to be that you didn't need a lot of electricity when you went camping; now nobody goes anywhere without their phone or GPS unit. But how do you keep them charged? The PowerPot is a very clever solution to the problem; it has a thermoelectric power source built into a cooking pot so that generates electricity from the heat of cooking. It uses the Peltier effect, familiar in solid state coolers; here it runs in reverse, converting heat into electricity. There wasn't much use for such a small amount of electricity until recently, when LEDs and microelectronics made 5 watts useful.

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It's not just for camping, either; inventor David Toledo writes:

Many of today's cellphone users live in developing nations that are unable to provide them with easy access to electricity. It is estimated that as many as 250 million cellphone users in Africa are living off the grid. These people have to pay a premium and sometimes are forced to walk over a mile every time they wish to get their cellphone charged. The PowerPot offers a new way. People in developing nations can cook their food and charge their essential devices all at the same time. Since open wood fires are the primary fuel source in this region, the PowerPot provides an ideal solution to a continental problem.

One could question its suitability as a power source in Africa; their use of open wood fires is problematic, and they have lots of sun. One can buy 5 watts of solar generating capacity for a lot less than a hundred bucks. But for camping and for emergencies, it's brilliant.

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The PowerPot V should also be part of your home emergency preparedness kit. The PowerPot V takes up little shelf space, has an indefinite shelf life, and it can be used indoors or outdoors, day or night, rain or shine, and on any heat source sufficient for cooking. You can store everything you need for a ready-to-go on-demand generator right inside the pot.

It's he perfect PrepperPot. More at PowerPot and on Kickstarter.

Powerpot Generates Electricity From Your Campfire
Perfect for charging your phone or GPS while you make your breakfast.

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