Powerful Portable Solar Power with WakaWaka Device

Last year we wrote about WakaWaka light, a project that would bring a portable, simple solar light solution to developing areas. The project was seeking funding on Kickstarter and after the closing day, it had managed to surpass its funding goals. The belief backers held in the product still hold now, since the designers behind the WakaWaka light are now back with another device, and this one has already blown its Kickstarter fundraising goals out of the water and there are still 23 more days of funding to go!

This time, the project is WakaWaka Power. Similar in size and shape to the light, this device instead is geared toward charging practically any type of cell phone and even tablet devices.

The designers claim:

Place WakaWaka Power in direct sunlight for a whole day and you will notice that the battery will be completely full, even if you live in New York or Seattle (where the intensity of the sun is far less than in Texas). The capacity of the battery is large enough to fully power most mobile phone from completely depleted, to practically full. On top of this, you will have 10 or more hours of excellent reading light as well. If you don’t charge your phone or tablet, as said before, you can have more than 40 hours of light.

As we become more experienced with natural disasters like superstorm Sandy, a device like this is something you may want to have in your emergency kit. But of course it's also handy for carrying around as backup power if you're planning on sucking your cell phone battery dry.

Powerful Portable Solar Power with WakaWaka Device
This popular solar charger is back with a new version of the device, and it is blowing its Kickstarter fundraising goals out of the water.

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