Power Genie - No More 'Ghost Who Pollutes'

A good number of TH respondents commenting on their green lifestyles mentioned that they turn electrical appliances off at the wall, thus reducing the infamous ‘Phantom’ load of standby energy. According to the makers of the Power Genie, if all of Australia followed this example, then we‘d save 12% of our electricity usage, the equivalent of $500 million AUD and 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. Annually! But let’s face it, not everyone is as dedicated as TH readers. So the Power Genie is not a behavioural, but a technological solution. Place it in the correct configuration and it will turn off all connected appliances, simply by turning off one main appliance. Say you have a TV, DVD player, stereo and lamp all in one room. Using the Power Genie you’d only need to switch off the lamp on leaving the room and everything else would shut down too. No more crawling under furniture to find power sockets. No more standby lights blinking eerily in a darkened room. (Would work for office settings too. In an energy exercise, a government department employed someone to make sure all the equipment was off, in the whole 13 floors, not merely on standby. Result? An energy saving of 16% was realised.) ::Power Genie, via The New Inventors